You have a message. We convey it to the world.

Our Story

Where creativity meets rigor

Convey is a small but mighty team with backgrounds ranging from civil engineering to law, behavioral science to graphic arts. For twenty-five years, we have been delivering creative communications, engaging campaigns, smart strategy, and thoughtful products to the private and public sectors.

What we do

Marketing and communications programs that inspire action

At Convey, we combine creativity and know-how to illuminate and communicate important ideas. We champion projects that sustainably enhance peoples' quality of life.

Our team brings visionary solutions to communications challenges, crafting strategies that are genuine and accessible. We offer personalized, extension-of-staff-style service to some of the most important public and private agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Community Outreach
  • Behavioral Science
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Event Coordination


  • Content Development
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Advertising


  • Campaigns
  • Surveys
  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Interactive

Select Clients

Our People

A product is only as excellent as the people behind it. Our people breathe creativity into every challenge, driving impact through project lifecycles that start with strategy and end in impact.

Sybil Hatch, P.E. - President

Sybil Hatch, P.E.

Rebecca Krawiec - Managing Partner

Rebecca Krawiec

Managing Partner
Peter Petracca - Managing Partner

Peter Petracca

Managing Partner
Susie Grant - Creative Director

Susie Grant

Lead Designer
Sara Shopkow - Senior Copywriter

Sara Shopkow

Hugo Rodrigues - Full Stack Developer

Hugo Rodrigues

Web Developer
Daniel O'Sullivan - Outreach Specialist

Daniel O'Sullivan

Outreach Specialist
Bruno Vannuccini Fernandes - Project Manager

Bruno Vannuccini Fernandes

Project Manager
Nicole Hilaire, Ph.D - Senior Behavioral Scientist

Nicole Hilaire, Ph.D

Senior Behavioral Scientist
Lauren Highleyman - Project Manager

Lauren Highleyman

Project Manager
Kevin Jones - Video Producer

Kevin Jones

Video Producer
Sean Wright - DevOps Engineer

Sean Wright

DevOps Engineer
Adam Rinder - Accounting Specialist

Adam Rinder

Accounting Specialist
Rachel Ross - Outreach Specialist

Rachel Ross

Outreach Specialist
Caitlin O'Keefe - Administrative Assistant

Caitlin O'Keefe

Administrative Assistant
Deyon Jonson - Operations Manager

Deyon Jonson

Operations Manager
Gunjan Thekdi - Accounting Specialist

Gunjan Thekdi

Accounting Specialist
Isabelle Duchesneau - Project Manager

Isabelle Duchesneau

Project Manager
Miti Shah - Behavioral Science Specialist

Miti Shah

Behavioral Science Specialist
Inspire Brilliance

Inspire Brilliance

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Our Vision

  • To bring delight to our colleagues and clients
  • To be respected leaders of innovative and creative strategic communications, public engagement, and marketing in our industries
  • To use our talents every day to make a positive difference in the world

Our Core Values

Creative & Smart
Our team develops thoughtful communications for complex ideas.

Responsive & Proactive
You can count on us. We deliver our work in a timely, organized, and professional manner.

Dedicated & Quality-Driven
We strive for exceptional quality every day. Our team is multi-faceted, resourceful, well-rounded, and agile.

Respectful & Kind
Integrity matters. We practice active listening to foster an environment of support and understanding.

Collaborative & Inclusive
We encourage knowledge-sharing and bring diverse perspectives to the communities we serve.