Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Awareness Campaign

Animation showcases a world-class transportation agency

Client Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Year 2018
Project Type Television Ad
The Services

Key services for this project

  • TV commercial storyboard, casting, and production
  • Custom animations
  • Brand enhancement
  • Visual identity
  • Community call to action

An agency at the forefront

Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) is a world-renowned leader in innovative transportation strategies. From AI and smart lights to safer sidewalks and roads, the agency creates, implements, and funds thoughtful plans to connect and move travelers throughout the county. With an expanding list of exciting projects in motion, the CCTA knew it was the right time to better inform the public about the great work the agency is doing. CCTA asked Convey to produce a 30-second TV commercial. We took the idea and ran with it, engaging and collaborating closely with Atomic Productions to bring this commercial to life.


Contra Costa County, today and beyond

Contra Costa is a geographically and socioeconomically diverse county, with rolling golden hills, sparkling shorelines and popular regional parks. Our goal was to showcase how CCTA’s advanced transportation systems interact with the area’s landscape and communities in a memorable, digestible way and to highlight what the agency stands for: improving mobility, strengthening the economy, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Thinking beyond the screen

To showcase Contra Costa’s complex and interacting transportation systems, we turned to animation for its limitless flexibility and ability to offer visuals that are relatable to a wide range of viewers. Our 30-second TV commercial is a visually stimulating and approachable world that is reflective of CCTA’s commitment to innovative and technologically advanced transportation.

We created this campaign with a bigger picture in mind. The custom graphics our team created intentionally move beyond the commercial itself. The images of cars, bikes, trains, ferries, and buses are now used on a full suite of print and digital collateral, from social media ads to billboards, mailers, and the CCTA’s 2020 Transportation Expenditure Plan (TEP).


Whimsy meets action

Illustrating the message

In a field where we usually see standard photographs of trains, buses, and cars, CCTA was able to push the digital envelope to connect with a more diverse audience through illustration.

A community called to action

At the end of the commercial community members are encouraged to share their biggest transportation desires on the CCTA’s website.

Beyond the commercial

The graphic look of this ad helped to strengthen the CCTA’s brand identity and surpassed expectations in collateral usage.

In Conclusion

A few of our favorite things

  • Animation is “innovation meets flexibility and creativity”
  • The simplicity of the piece provides a unique and understandable way to introduce the agency
  • CCTA got more bang for their buck and now use their new graphics on a wide range of collateral