Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Innovate 680

Putting behavioral science to work

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Client Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Year 2020 - Present
Project Type Behavioral Research
The Services

Key services for this project

  • Literature review and agency interviews
  • Scientific survey based on behavioral science principles
  • Audience analysis
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Design and communications recommendations
Project Overview/Summary

An innovative approach to transportation planning

Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) has a bold vision for the future of Interstate 680 (I-680) – to create a connected corridor that will move people faster and better. Innovate 680 encompasses six major projects that improve traffic flow and make transit along the corridor a more viable travel option. Convey is managing public outreach for the entire program.


Mode shift is a mindset shift

Getting people out of their cars is no easy feat. CCTA is deploying a powerful tool – behavioral science – to uncover solutions that educate people about the I-680 projects and help steer their thoughts and behaviors about transportation.

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Traveler surveys, focused insights

Inspiring mode shift starts with deep insights into human behavior and decision making. Convey leveraged decades of behavioral research to uncover a suite of behavioral solutions.

Interviews with peer agencies gave us a candid look at the challenges and bright spots of running similar projects. What’s worked? What hasn’t? Why? Their collective experiences helped us plan for challenges and streamline our work.

We then conducted original survey research of 1500 residents near the I-680 corridor to learn about transportation-related beliefs and habits – and the psychological roadblocks that could be keeping people from shifting their travel behavior.

Some open-ended questions captured how people talk about travel, in their own words. Two-thirds of the respondents will continue to serve as a trusted source for future feedback and insights.

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Person-centered projects and communications

Convey’s in-depth research and psychological insights are taking the Innovate 680 program to the next level. Our work is shaping how all six Innovate 680 projects are formulated and communicated to the public.

The data are helping CCTA focus on what people care about, what’s getting in their way, and how to talk about key concepts. CCTA is committed to maintaining a relationship with survey-takers to keep the conversation going.

The data are also informing the project designs: Where people are going and how they typically get around, feedback on the mobile app, mode and feature preferences for the shared mobility hubs, and more. We will continue to tap into our rich dataset to help shape Contra Costa County’s interstate of the future.

In Conclusion

A few of our favorite things

  • Meaningful connections with corridor residents
  • Invaluable insights that support the Innovate 680 project teams
  • Highly effective communication techniques based on science
  • Paving the way for new and inspiring methods of transportation planning across the nation