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A wiki and its success
Client Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Year 2019
Project Type Search Engine Marketing & Grant Management
The Services

Key services for this project

  • SEO & SEM strategy
  • Google AdWords grant management
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Print collateral production

A wiki and its success

Through history, advances in science and technology represent the manifestation of thousands of peoples’ creativity, intellect, and collaboration. What better place to capture these brilliant sparks than a wiki that brings together thousands of articles, first-hand accounts, oral histories, milestones, and archival documents on the history of technology?

In partnership with many engineering societies and organizations, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) serves as the administrator for the Engineering and Technology History Wiki (ETHW). IEEE recognizes that a wiki is only as great as its contributions and it is only a useful resource if visitors can find it.

Since 2017, Convey has been working with IEEE to implement digital techniques and inspired design that entice scientists and engineers to contribute content and drive visitors to this invaluable resource.

A wiki and its success


IEEE launched the ETHW in 2015, using content from existing sources with support from partner organizations. Soon after Convey was invited to develop a preliminary awareness campaign—including a smart logo and a suite of print and digital collateral—to publicize the site to professionals at conferences and via partner websites.

Convey’s core “Be Brilliant” branding both evoked action and described the website through our “One Website. Volumes of Brilliance.” tagline. It was versatile enough to be customized across engineering disciplines and clever enough to mirror the essence of great scientific and technological advances.

*IRL – In Real Life


Above, beyond, forward

Convey’s digital campaign started with a small budget and a big idea: place targeted advertisements on Google, based on a few key search words. Using advanced Search Engine Marketing (SEM) analytics along with some old-fashioned trial and error, Convey demonstrated that a marked increase in traffic to ETHW was possible.

After the initial success of our SEM strategy, Convey applied for a Google AdWords nonprofit grant on behalf of the IEEE and won! The grant offered an immense opportunity—to the tune of $10,000 per month in free advertising—to expand our SEM strategy and drive impressive growth in site visitors.


The joys of technology

Clever Brilliance

Clever Brilliance

Our lighted networking sphere graphic, combined with our “Be Brilliant” slogan, creates an empowering call to action for experts to share their knowledge.

Dynamic look to evoke action

Dynamic look to evoke action

The collateral for both the print and digital ads elevated the concept of the wiki as an innovative resource and site of expert collaboration.

Every AdWords counts

Every AdWords counts

The AdWords campaign continues to drive traffic to the Wiki through a thoughtful use of trending keywords. We target inquisitive users with an organic appeal to their interests. Over the past three years, our strategy has increased web traffic by 300% and it’s still growing!

In Conclusion

A few of our favorite things

  • The “Be Brilliant” campaign was concise, inspirational, and informative, capturing the mission and spirit of the ETHW.
  • The Google AdWords grant was awarded in perpetuity to ensure the Wiki continues to grow as a trusted collaborative resource for visitors and contributors alike.
  • Staying on top of the analytics enables us to focus on what matters most: the visitor’s intuitive desire to learn more about engineering and technology.
Google Ad Grant

“Who can argue with the results? We’re continually impressed with Convey’s management of our Google AdWords grant. Traffic to the site keeps growing and growing.”

Nathan Brewer, Digital Content Administrator, IEEE