video production / featured

Our video production team can do absolutely anything. To date, we’ve captured incredible footage of everything from people, buildings and foundation machinery working underground, to time-lapse footage of legendary watercraft being deconstructed. Once the footage is captured, the real fun begins. Our editing team expertly assembles images, voice, and custom composed music to tell your story in a memorable and impactful way. We also have first-rate animators that can help illustrate concepts that are difficult to shoot live.

The Mission

Convey serves as the on-call strategic communications consultant for the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA). Last year, they wanted to bring new awareness to all that CCTa does in the community it serves, and decided a television ad was the anchor piece of this campaign. We needed to cover a lot of ground in a 30-second tv spot, and we did it with this inspiring, informative, and customized animation. This ad aired on Comcast channels throughout November and December of 2018, and continues to be viewed on CCTA’s website and YouTube channel.

We Created
  • Custom graphics and theme for awareness campaign.
  • Wrote, edited script.
  • Animated the custom graphics to illustrate succinct story.
  • Composed custom music track.
  • On-time launch within tight timeline.