Malcolm Drilling

video production / featured

The underground construction industry is a Convey favorite. From manufacturing of foundation drills and pile driving equipment, to geotechnical engineers, Convey has helped bring a positive and sophisticated light to this important work that is often forgotten when the beautiful structures it supports start emerging above-ground. Capturing exciting video footage of foundation construction work is one of our specialties and we’ve worked with clients like Malcolm Drilling and Soilmec for years, to create memorable marketing videos.

The Mission

When Malcolm Drilling took traditional continuous flight auger (CFA) drilling to record depths on the Chase Center in San Francisco, Convey was hired to capture the technical aspects of this project and the new equipment used to perform this work. Our video production crews performed all tasks from storyboarding and pre-production work to post-production editing and music composition. Convey is currently working on additional technology, marketing and training videos for this client.

We Created
  • Technical marketing video to promote client continuous flight auger work.
  • Original script, music, custom graphics, and final edit performed by our team.
  • Significant B-roll footage was re-purposed and edited to create several smaller promotional pieces.
  • Stellar set of bonus still photographs captured by our drone pilots utilized through multiple online channels and in print advertisements.